The Lion of Judah

The image of the Lion of Judah is often depicted in media and church buildings as representing the regal power of Jesus in contrast to the lowly slain Lamb of God, but the more I've ...

dan mohler

Becoming Love – Dan Mohler

Here is a great message to introduce you to Dan Mohler.  He does no advertising, his website has little info., but he has powerful messages.    

Waiting for Him to Love Us!

What’s required?

What is required? A simple question that can reveal that you have lost your love for something.  Love always does more than what's required, and that is what makes it love.  As long as there ...


Both, not either/or

"You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God..." - Jesus "mistaken" literally means "to stray away from the truth". American churches seem to be setup in two camps of the "mistaken": ...