Born Again.

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My Salvation

One of the things that we forget, is what we were saved from. At 18 I prayed to God for freedom from depression and hopelessness. I felt God for 3 days, everyday all day. Then ...

eric liddell

Run Free

  I remember watching this movie as a young Christian, I was full of self condemnation and exhausted.  I remember him saying, "...and when I run I feel His pleasure."  In real life Eric Liddell ran, ...

perfume bottle broken

The Perfume

A prostitute breaks into a dinner party and pours out her perfume and tears on the feet of Jesus. She walks right past the people who accuse her of being unworthy. I always hear voices ...

Molecular Thoughts

The Gateway

Everything begins to manifest itself in thought form. The gateway of the spiritual dimension is the mind of man / woman. Weather for Good or Evil. It all attaches itself to the mind of man ...