Both, not either/or

“You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God…” – Jesus

“mistaken” literally means “to stray away from the truth”.

American churches seem to be setup in two camps of the “mistaken”: Either a high value for the Bible, or a high value for the Spirit.

The Bible driven churches consider the Bible as infallible, so anything outside of the Bible is subjective and untrustworthy, which, ironically, contradicts the Bible by undermining the ways He has chosen to communicate and move.

The Spirit driven churches tend to use the Bible to preach what they’re experiencing and feeling God saying, and that can be great when it’s not mixed with human agendas, but it often is, creating wacked out doctrines of positive thinking, prosperity (bigger barns in the name of the kingdom), leader worship, et cetera.

I feel like I get tossed back and forth between these two, but I won’t fully understand the truth without both the Bible and the power of God, and Jesus makes it clear they’re not the same thing.