No word for religion.

When I was young with God I remember people complaining that church on Sunday wasn’t enough and they wanted to connect with people during the week.

“We should start a home group or some type of get together.”

The leadership in the church wanted to give certain subjects for the small groups to use as a guide so that they don’t get “off”. Their was a class on how to lead a home group.  They didn’t want people to start to create separate groups from the church.

I understood that they didn’t want people to get “off”, but I never took a class or bothered to figure out what subject we were supposed to be studying during “small groups”.

So I found that I was unintentionally involved in rogue small groups.

Here is where I noticed the break down and the cold corpse of religion fell out in front of me.

If I am not a small group leader, can I talk to my brother about God while eating breakfast before work?  Sounds like a stupid statement, but follow me.

If my brother and I get excited about the revelation of God that we are talking about, can we call our cousin over to talk about it that night?  Can we then call a friend that we know likes to worship and share with her? (this happens all the time.)

What if we decide to get together for a birthday party and pray over the person who’s birthday it is….all 20 of us?  What if that turns into a worship time after? (happens all the time)

Is it that we can’t organize a group?  Is it just that we can’t call members of that church?

See this “small group” leadership thing seemed fine with me then, but now I see the problem.  When Jesus doesn’t get flipped on and off like a light switch, when Jesus doesn’t get left in your car, or at home, then every moment becomes Him, every gathering becomes a “small group”.


small feather

You know the American Indians don’t have a word for religion.  It doesn’t make sense to them, and their “religion” is them, its their existence.  Its everything they are.

So it should be for us.