Rebuilding the city of love


My parents had separated, my step dad stayed in Texas where I live and my Mom moved back to California where we had lived most of our lives. It’s strange how the divorce hurt and effects even when everyone seems happier with the separation.

It had been months since my Mom left and I had not talked to my step dad since. I didn’t really have a big problem with him, but he was my step dad and had hurt my Mom. I didn’t want relationship with Him. I wanted to be indifferent towards him and just live my life. This was how it was going to be until I had a dream.

In my dream I was in a drab grey room, with my Mom, My stepdad Eric, his 3 daughters. The youngest daughter walks up to him and says, “I hate you!”

I look at Eric and he looks like it broke the last part of him. I think to myself that He is going to get a gun and shoot us. Then I look again and realize that he is not going to kill us, he is going to kill himself. I ran over and grabbed him around the arms and clasped my fingers into themselves and prepared to fight to restrain him. He was so broken he didn’t have any strength to resist me. Then I woke up.

For two days I wrestled with the dream until the disobedience was starting to torment me. Finally I called Eric to talk to him and tell him the dream. He says he has never really been suicidal and wasn’t exactly sure what the dream meant. Neither of us knew that the darkness in his life was about to get 10 times darker. The only son who chose to live with him, was about to run away , do drugs, steal cars, and rob Eric, all while literally giving his dad the finger as he drove out of his life.

Since God had almost forced me to make contact and connect with Eric, now I’m helping Him move pack and move out of his apartment. (He got evicted since Peyton robbed people in the apartment complex.)

It was about two years of the breaking and taking of everything that Eric called “good”. Then I woke up to a voicemail from Eric, it was dated about 2 in the morning. It was basically a good bye voicemail. Then his boss calls me and asks if I know why Eric didn’t come in today. Then another friend of Eric’s calls me and says he’s really worried because of a voicemail that he got at 2 in the morning.

I call over to his apartment and have them go check his room. After awhile of not hearing anything I decide to go drive over there. I go and meet with the manager.

“Is he okay?”

The apartment mgr doesn’t answer right way, then he says I think you should go see him. I was really hoping to hear “yeah he’s fine” and then I would just go back to work.

I go to his apartment, it’s almost pitch dark because the windows are blacked out, it smell like stale air. When my eyes adjust I notice him sitting on his bed. There is a heaviness in the apartment. I go turn a light on in the living room.

I really don’t know what to do, I don’t feel God, I just sit next to him and put my arm around him and pray in tongues.

He was having trouble talking, making full thoughts, it was just heaviness and confusion. He begins to talk about how worthless he is, and how he doesn’t matter, his kids, and he starts to collapse off the bed and fall to the floor. He doesn’t look like he is even going to catch himself. I quickly reach out and bear hug him and clasp my fingers around him. I just hold him and try and love the best that I know how.

With the help of his friend who was worried about him (Ed Holiday) we flew him out to California to rest and get peace. He stayed with Ed and Ed’s wife for 10 days.

When he came back he looked better, it actually was start of God rebuilding Eric from the ground up.

A couple of weeks later as I’m washing the dishes, I hear God tell me:

“Eddie, do you remember that dream where Eric was going to kill himself?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Do you remember how you restrained him in the dream with your arms and clasped your hands?”


“Do you remember when you were in his apartment and he began to fall off the bed and you caught him with your arms and clasped your hands to keep him from falling?”


“In the dream that you had, you stopped him with physical strength, but in real life it was love that restrained him.”

This hit me hard. I hadn’t even done much with a loving and caring heart. God had loved Eric.

Another year goes by, and I’m at some friends watching an MMA fight with Eric. During this time God was and is moving really strong on my brother Mike. I told Eric that he should call and talk to Mike because God was doing so much in him. Eric’s eyes glazed over because of pain, emotional hurts, and offense. He said Mike would reject him anyways.

I felt God told me not to say anything to Mike about Eric, but just let God do what He would do.

A few days later Mike tells me that God begins to deal with him about Eric. Then God tells him about the king who forgave the servant who was unable to pay his debt to the king. The king says, “Because you are unable to pay I will forgive all your debt.” Then God speaks to Mike and says, “Eric can’t pay, so you need to call him.”

Eric later tells me that he believed he should call Mike but was just unable to, so he began to pray that God would have Mike call him.

They talk and talk and it was a healing and reconciling time.

That night Becky has a dream that my mom and Eric are talking, then my mom and Becky cast away a herd of demon possessed pigs.

Still not fully sure what this means, I just believed that there were hoovering demonic presence over their marriage.

So one day I feel like God is saying to love someone.  So I go and rake my neighbors lawn.  Still I feel like God is saying to love someone.  I ask God who?  He says, you could go love Eric no one is loving him right now.

Hmm…Okay.  30 minutes later we are sitting in Starbucks talking.  It was fun, and felt good to easily obey God.

He tells me he got promoted at work again. He was really happy and felt like God was giving him promotion, rebuilding him after such a total devastation on his life.

I instantly think about his dyslexia and how its going to be a problem. Shortly after he starts talking about his dyslexia as well.  Then he starts talking about how his Dad always told him he was stupid, a failure, never can do anything right…etc.

I hear God, “Eddie, I didn’t make him with dyslexia, his dad spoke dyslexia into his mind and when he believed it, then it took root in his brain.  Its a corruption in his brain upon the image of God, restore the image of God in his brain and command the dyslexia to leave.  Stand up and place both hands on each side of his head and command the dyslexia to leave!”

I argued about how that is kind of weird to do in Starbucks.  He (Eric) doesn’t even know what I’m hearing.

“If your not obedient in a small thing, then you won’t be obedient in a more important thing.”

I tried one last brilliant argument.  The table of people next to us probably doesn’t even believe in you and this is going to seem very strange and awkward to them.

Silence…apparently He is done talking.

So I say to Eric, “I’m tired of not obeying God and I feel He is saying to pray over you and command the dyslexia to leave.  Can I pray over you?”

He semi-reluctantly says, “Yeah.”

I stand up and pray…slowly engaging faith until I feel I can command the dyslexia to leave.  I do all of it, pray out loud with my hands squeezing both sides of his head.  It doesn’t feel weird at all, it feels powerful.

I sit back down and feel how good it feels to obey, feel the power of God and wonder how, when his healing power is going to rebuild Eric’s brain without the “virus” of dyslexia.

5-10 minutes later the whole table next to us stands up and says, “We saw you praying over his mind, would you pray over ours?”

After this I begin to see how much God is doing in restoring Eric with the power of Jesus the Redeemer.

In mid December 2013 I begin to see a “Super Natural Vision” in my spirit.  God is going to restore my Mom and Dad (Eric).  This is truly impossible. It would be like “a limb growing out of a body.” was a statement from one of my friends.  I felt that God said to “cast the vision” of what He had put in my heart.

I used the analogy that this RESTORING would be like the rebuilding of the temple and the temple walls after the Israelite’s were in captivity to Babylon and Persia.

After I had told 5-6 people this analogy…I told Andrew Boland the Nehemiah analogy Jan 1, 2014. Then Jan 2, 2014, Chesy Boland has a dream where she hears 5 times “Eddie is Nehemiah.” (Andrew never told her the analogy nor remembered until I asked him if I told him that.)

I felt like God said to tell all of my brothers and sisters who “believe”.  I told them all of the above that God had been doing. After that they all said, “It sounds like God.”

I also felt like God said not to tell my Mom or Dad (Eric) what was in my heart.  They have to be given the vision from God and embrace the vision of reconciliation and the 7 years of jubilee themselves, at the right time.

1/13/2104 I had a quick and direct dream that my Mom and Eric (Step Dad ) are having their relationship restored, the renewed light of forgiveness, and love was in both of their eyes.  Then I woke up.

All of this is just a documenting of what God is doing in around and for my Dad (Eric) and Mom. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!