Pushing over the pillars of darkness.

Righteous Samson’s

Pushing over the pillars of darkness.
Pushing over the pillars of darkness.

Samson had a level of zeal, but more than that had self seeking, and a desire to satisfy himself first.

The continual “almost” giving into sin, would eventually take him into slavery.  He sadly lost his strength, and even worse he lost his vision.

This loss of vision left him in monotony.  He would literally and blindly walk in circles to grind the wheat in his prison.

Judges 16:19 “She lulled him to sleep on her knees..” Then once your asleep, she takes your strength, makes you a slave, a prisoner, and takes your vision.

Samson prays for the Lord to remember him, to strengthen him, just this once that I may take vengeance on the the enemy for taking my vision.

This story is based in the old covenant. We walk in the new covenant.

God has not forgotten us. We don’t have to pray for Him, to remember us, we need to remember our God.

To get out of this visionless and monotonous prison we need to pray.

“Father strengthen me with Your might through Your Spirit in my inner man.” Eph. 3:16
“Father open the eyes of my understanding that I may know what is the Hope of Your Calling again.” Eph. 1:18

Samson took more in this last “push” than in all his life combined.  Let us gird ourselves up with His strenth by His Spirit, with opened eyes of understanding and “push” against the pillars of this passing kingdom.