The Banner

I was talking to a friend the other day.  He said that his friends had felt like they should give him money in this season.  He (like most people) didn’t want to receive it and thought that there was more needy people that God could bless.  They insisted and he took it, but kept thinking about the truly needy.  Later on he was pumping gas, when he saw a really beat up landscaping truck, he felt the Spirit of God tell him to go fill up his gas tank.  When he went over there the guy insisted that my friend shouldn’t do it, but my friend said that he had to.

Nothing crazy happened in the moment.  No weeping of salvation, no visible glory cloud.  My friend got in his car and drove down the road.  He suddenly began to weep uncontrollably, for what appeared to be for no real reason.  Then God showed him that there is power in the obedience, and this power was in his spirit and affecting his physical body.

As I heard this I felt the Spirit of God, then with out thinking I said, “You redeemed the Name of the Lord on the earth.”  Then God spoke to me “bring honor back to my Name.”  I suddenly saw a banner being trampled by the feet of men.  The banner was the Name of the Lord being misrepresented and allowed to be put under the ways of man.

This trampling had been going on for sometime.  Finally a man ran over and began to struggle to right one of the two poles that held the banner.  As this Banner was being lifted up, women came and washed the banner with there hair and tears.  As the mud was being washed off it was lighter and easier to raise up, then another man came and began to raise the other pole.  In my mind I remarked that the two men were so strong two be able hold the two poles upright.  God said yes they are mighty in spirit and men of renown.

As the Banner was lifted up it began to draw the people.  They would place the sick in the street ahead of the people marching with the Banner.  When the shadow of the Banner would cross over there bodies the people were all fully healed and and would rise and join in the proper display of the Banner of the Lord.

God is saying to redeem His Name among men.  Properly display Him again.  Him being under our feet, represents the ways of men and us putting our kingdom above His.

The women who washed the banner with tears and their hair, this represented the worship and praise that would keep the Banner up and allowed the men to be able to carry it.

We need to rightly display our God again upon the earth.  His Kingdom come.