The Deals

The-DealThe deals we make with God, mostly embarrassing, when we look back on them.  Amazing that God often will answer them.

For some of us that is the only way we know how to interact with God.  Basically a blackmail on God that if He does X then we will give Him the grand prize of us!

My first interactions with God, were just a bunch of deals and vows.

One time I was almost out of gas on my car, I said God I know you can keep my car running, just get me home till I can get some money for gas.  Then I will know that Your really real.  I know God can’t just keep the car running and let me watch the needle the whole time, so I put a piece paper over the gas gauge to let Him work in private.  I start singing some old christian songs, hopefully they will inspire Him to keep the car running.  10 minutes later, dead on the side of the road.  No more songs, because there was no more gas.

Years later a man told me, that he made a deal with God “if you bless me I’ll give you 50% of my profit.”  This man told me God blessed him in excess and even though he gave the 50% he was still very very successful.  I was really impressed by this.

There is a horrible problem with this.  Making deals is a shallow and untrusting way to interact with a person. God is a person.  When you really love someone and they love you, you don’t make deals.  Deals are made when people fall out of love, or don’t have enough trust not to have some type of deal to get what they want in an area. Both people are willing to fall back on a mutual exchange to get needs met.  It works, but it is not Love.

Love just does for someone.  Works and requirements are employed when we don’t know Love or have fallen out of Love.  Husbands and wives make “deals” all the time to fix the area’s of life when they fall out of love.  When you Love someone you want to “do” for them, when you don’t love you say I need to get something out of this.

So God will often indulge us in our childish deals knowing He is getting closer to what He wants with us, a relationship that freely gives Love.

I’ve always had unspoken deals, levels of performance I expected Him to meet.  In the last years, I’ve slowly burned them.

He doesn’t have to do tricks for me.  He doesn’t have to heal.  He doesn’t have to bring revival.  He doesn’t have to bless me.  He doesn’t have to dance for me.  He doesn’t have to answer me, speak to me, or respond to me.

He Is, and that is more than enough for me.