The Fear of Man

PP-JesusRidesIntoJerusalem_CP_0061The fear of man is a snare. Is not the fear of men hurting you, its fearing the ways of man. By trying to please men, we can never fully please God.

I grew up on an island, and still visit from time to time. While riding on this 100+ person boat some of the people that I was with started to worship up on the outside deck. The volume of worship was not just for them, but like they were trying to make sure God in heaven could hear it.

I instantly felt extremely uncomfortable, awkward, and wanted it to stop. In my mind I liked that God was getting worship, but I hated tension I was feeling. The people couldn’t leave because the ship was full to capacity. I remembered when my Grandma would hit me for a low whistle or hum, because of her hearing aids hurt on certain pitches. This was way louder than that and they couldn’t escape. I almost felt nausea due to the tension. A lady appeared to be upset, then she got up and shortly after she came back. 2 minutes later a crew member opened the door, and he was a kid in my brothers class, he said “Its you guys causing trouble isn’t it.”
The people in the group had stopped singing before he even came out, so he just laughed and said not to get him in trouble.

It was such a strange place to be for me. Was it rude to push worship of the Almighty God on others? They couldn’t even leave as the boat was so full. Why was I so sick inside about all this? The Pharisee’s tried to stop the public worship of Jesus, and He just said its them or the very rocks would cry out.

Was this just the fear of man in me?

Jesus didn’t respect unwritten social rules very often.

He said, we need transportation, a few blocks away you’ll find a car with keys in the ignition. Take it, if the owner comes out when the ignition turns over (or Donkey bays) tell him that you master has need of it.

This breaks social rules and their law. Seriously where is this in the Bible?