1 said thank you

The Leper

Jesus was beautifully walking through this world loving us, and being one with His Father.

I have always struggled with the thought that God has done so much for us and we do so little for Him.  I’ve wrestled with deep and crushing condemnation.  I’ve worked and prayed and went to 3 hr prayer meetings from hell.  Just to try and repay Him.

That part was and is so exhausting.  15 Years later, I found myself crawling out of bed to wait for Him.  Just to sit before Him.  I would often feel the desire to stay in bed or go to sleep, but (for this season) I would get up and wait for Him to speak.

I was confused.  I thought to offer works was an insult to God.  My body wants to rest with sleep or lay down, but I am over riding it with my spirit.  Is this works?  How do I know what works look like?  Is self discipline works?

I was partially thinking and partially asking Jesus.

I instantly heard and knew the answer through the parable of the 10 lepers.

Keep in mind I knew this in an instant but it felt like it was explained to me at the same time.

He said/made me know:

“10 lepers get healed. All were told to show themselves to the priests, 1 came back and said thank you.

9 lepars worked by walking all the way back to the priests, thus fulfilling the old covenant of works.  But 1 came all the way back to say thank you.  He did twice as much but never entered in to works because his heart was thankful.  Love did twice as much, but you can never work with a Thankful Heart.”

The law stops when the requirements are fulfilled.  Love doesn’t stop until it has relationship.

We are all lepers who have been healed. Find a place before Him again, come stumbling and laughing and rejoicing and crying, with a Thankful Heart.