The Seed

You’ve heard someone say that boy is the “seed of satan”.  This could be more real than we think.  The Washington post and may other sources, have referenced a study that mice can pass down fear to their children.

The took a male mouse.  Put out the scent of cherry blossom, then electrocuted the mouse at the same time, until soon they could just bring out the cherry blossom and the male mouse would run and hide in fear.

Then they mate the mouse with a mother who has not been subjected to the same thing, she has babies but they have never seen or interacted with their father.

They smell cherry blossoms, they run and hide.  (This is freaking crazy)

So why was God so adamant about killing every one the Israelites came into contact with?  He was trying to keep the seed from getting corrupted any further.

Why couldn’t you intermarry with the pagans?  He was trying to keep seed from corruption.

What happens when you indulge in sexual sin?  You corrupt your seed and actually alter your DNA!  Your sons feel like women are objects and your daughters feel like they are objects.

We were born with the ability to corrupt our seed!  We can begin to rebuild our seed through obedience to Him!

The Father would not allow His Holy One to see corruption.  He is the incorruptable seed that Peter spoke of: ” having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever.” -PETER

Ahhhh….we have such hope.