dead weeks

Weed Killer – Jesus

dead weeks I had been drinking to much.  I was tired of it, I needed to stop.  I was numbing my spirit, while trying to numb life.  I’ve known God for 15 years, which made it worse.  I was ready to stop.

I said in my mind, maybe it was a prayer, “I need to stop drinking and give myself to God fully.”

I heard Him say, “Don’t stop.”


Dont stop?!

He said it again.  “Don’t stop, come to Me.”  It was difficult to walk past the weeds, I wanted to just do a quick pull so they didn’t look so bad.  But the weeds are a trap, that keeps us separate from the Father, we know full well that  we are pulling them so we can be with Him, but not until we are done.  And the weeds enslave us to them, day in and day out we pull them up.  This is not freedom but slavery.

If I would have gone and poured it all out, and then came to Him, I would have come in my own goodness. Doomed to pull all the weeds out of my lawn every day, to make it look nice and clean before I was able to come before Him.

He showed me a beautiful green lawn with out weeds in it.  He asked me, “How do you get a beautiful green lawn with out weeds?  Do you pull weeds everyday?  That is a lot of work. The weeds are a sign of the lawns lack, feed and nourish the lawn and the weeds can’t find a place to grow again.”  Those who are pulling weeds always monitor to see who else should be pulling weeds.  If they have to pull weeds all day, so should everyone else.  They will instantly judge and try and coerce others to pull the weeds, they’ll start accountability and discipleship groups.

Jesus wants us to find a place in the green pastures of His presence and find rest.   He wants us to stop frantically pulling out the weeds.  Come to Him eat and drink.  There will be no place for them inside of you anymore, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Jesus cleans the inside of us.  Jesus is the Savior, and “Who the Son sets Free is free indeed.”

Green Hills