Waiting for Him to Love Us!

What’s required?

What is required?


A simple question that can reveal that you have lost your love for something.  Love always does more than what’s required, and that is what makes it love.  As long as there is a requirement on you, you can not love because you still are required to do something.  That is why God requires nothing from you after you come to know Him.  Nothing.

My wife loves back rubs, after 6 years she has never said no to one.

So one day I’m trying to be more loving and I ask her if she wants a back rub.  Why did I ask?  Simply because it wasn’t in my heart to do it, and I wanted to see if it was required of me.

The very question is a revealing of my heart.

God didn’t put laws on Abraham, because He didn’t need to require things of a man who loved Him.  God didn’t put a law on Moses, because Moses loved Him.

It wasn’t until the people told Moses to go talk to God and simply tell them what is required.

Husbands and wives make deals like this all the time, “if you do this, then I’ll do this.”  This is a functional fall back from love.