Why did my kids walk away from God?

I’ve been asked by confused parents why their kids end up away from God.  They went to church most of their lives, they went to youth group, they got baptized, they helped on the worship team.  And then just went completely sideways.

What went wrong?  We trained them up in the “way they should go”, they went to ministry school.  What happened?

My first response is to shrug my shoulders and say I have no idea, why would I know?  I’ve barely made it myself. 🙂

But I felt like God showed me a process a few years ago.

The kids at some point go through a process like this.

When they were young God is a God of their parents.  God is their parents God.  God is “their God.”

The parents try and raise up their kids in God, and most kids to some extent will enter into God becoming “our God” the God of the family.  The God of the Bible that they can read about.  The God of the Church that they can go to.  The God of “our God”.

The parents are happy because all of this has their kids staying out of trouble, doing better than the other kids and making good choices.

Then one day the kids goes sideways.  The parents are embarrassed, confused, and don’t know what happened.

Well, the last step can be shown, but not taught.  It doesn’t happen because they memorized scripture, or go to church, not because they were baptized or went to youth group.

Parents can’t even do anything to “make” this happen.

The kids have to end up in a place that moves them from “their God”, to “our God”, to “My God.”  They have to experience God in a way that God moves from “their God” to “My God”.

Sometimes all people know for most of their lives is “our God”  the god of us, the god of groups, church, prayer meetings, and the Bible.  But that is not what changes us.

When the Israelites left Egypt God was “our God” to all of them, but only a few made the transition from “our God” to “My God”.  God became “My God” for Joshua behind the walls of the tabernacle.

We make Him “My God” in the secret.  David made Him “My God” worshiping in the fields.  Moses made Him “My God” alone in the wilderness.  We make God ours in our rooms on a Friday night.  In the every day moments of life, we make Him “My God.”

So what do you do?  The only thing you can do.  Make Him yours.